Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines Day for Big Boys

What do women dream about for Valentines Day? How about a cute guy, with intense blue eyes, wearing nothing.... but in his hands, he holds your heart?

Yea, that's my kind of guy. He looks like Cupid without the arrow or wings. Well, we tried the wings but that's where Chase drew the line. "No Mommy, I can't wear wings." Of course he had no problem running around the house and back yard naked in the middle of winter. I feel a bit guilty...I mean it's one thing to take photos of your pets like this...but the kids!!! I'm making Brittney Spears look like Mother of the Year. I made sure to send a copy of this photo out to all our friends and family so they can continue to blackmail Chase for the rest of his life.

Grant decided on a whim to install Chase's Big Boy bed. He's smart for not consulting with me because I would have gone through my mourning ritual that I go through when I pack away more baby stuff and old clothes. The crib was the last sign that a baby resided in our home. This means our family has officially graduated into a new era of child rearing. When I saw what he was doing, I bet my tongue, sucked back the tears, and tried to hold it together. I think one of my ovaries responded by aching and trying to ovulate early.

So here's the man putting the big boy bed together.

Since we didn't plan ahead, we still had the crib in the room. Grant shoved it into the center of the room to take care of later.

The boys enjoy a fun project and they grabbed their tools and tried to help. I didn't help at all. I observed while holding a box of tissues, trying not to ovulate.

Once assembled, the kids had to test it out to make sure they could get maximum bounceage out of the bed.

They looked more like this to me as I had tears in my eyes...

I felt a little better putting the new bedding on the mattress. Chase was excited about the "crutchin site" on his bed. (A.K.A. construction site)

So that's where we are. We officially have no babies in the house. :(