Sunday, August 24, 2008

Wine Train Photos and Update

So this is the Napa Valley Wine Train. It ended up being a lot of fun even though it was a bit long (3.5 hours with little children.) The kids were very excited to ride on a train. We got to go in the neato observation deck that you see in the picture below.
This is all of us getting on the train. Hold your breath....cross your fingers....hopefully the kids will behave.
Here's a quick peek at Yours Truly and big daddy. Don't we look nice and relaxed? That's because we were already plowing into the wine.

Here's a view from behind the train. It took us all through Napa Valley into Callistoga. It's quite a beautiful location. I can see why so many couples get married in wine country. It could be very romantic if you have a good baby sitter or a few grandparents on hand.

This is one of the cars down below. Isn't it cute? I feel like we stepped into the '40's.

Here's my attempt at an artsy photo. Not too bad eh? The view could have been a little better but what can I say I was jogging after a 2-year-old.

And if you look closely, you can see the antique power line. That thing has been there for at least 20 years.

I have to say that the food was exquisite. I didn't eat this particular dish, but it looked good. I took a picture of my meal but it came out blurry. Shortly after I took the photo, I immediately dug in so I could digest a few bites before running after the little nuggets.

Speaking of the nuggets. Quinn really enjoyed the noodles. This is probably the only picture I managed to snag of him. He was off running up and down the train and laying on the floor playing with his toys.

Here is the Nugget himself on his best behavior. Doesn't he look distinguished?

And then you get to view him from the other side and realize he's sitting like this.

So which fork do you start with??? There's too much silverware on the table. I think I'll start with the knives.

Oh yes, the filled up a Champagne glass for my 2-year-old! Fortunately it was sparkling cider. Seriously many 2-year-olds do you know that can drink out of a champagne glass without spilling?

It's best to chase a glass of sparkling cider with some coffee.

Well. That's about how the trip went. I admit it went much better than I thought it would. The kids were on their best behavior and enjoyed the ride.
We finally got Quinn's MRI results back too. I'll post about it in the next update.
That's all for now.

Friday, August 8, 2008

The Wine Train or "Whine" Train.....

So we're going out of town this weekend to celebrate Grant's Grandma's 88th birthday. This is a special birthday because she's turning 88 on 8/8/08. So I'm packing up our entire house so we can go away for 2 days. I often wonder why we ever leave the house. I have diapers, wipes, tissues, tooth brushes, shirts, underwear, backup outfits, blankets, special stuffed animals, cribs, Binky's, tear free conditioner, sippy cups, pull-ups, (are you worn out yet? I am.) And then I get to pack my stuff.

As part of this excursion, we are going to ride on the wine train in Napa for lunch. This sounds awesome under normal circumstances meaning... two adults dressed nicely, and enough time to enjoy fine wine, scenic views, and a fancy lunch consisting of several courses of small portions of food.

Here's how I envision our trip........

Chase runs up and down the train cars irritating the passengers... Meanwhile, Quinn is screaming and pointing out every tractor the train passes. Chase pulls his pants down and takes his diaper off and says he has to "go potty." I wait in line for the bathroom with his little naked butt hanging out then Chase refuses to use the potty. Quinn runs away from me and doesn't listen.... my food gets cold and soggy... the little, teeny, portion they serve me is removed from the table by the waiter before I get a chance to wolf down a few bites. Quinn cries because he doesn't like the food, Chase spills milk all over, and Grant is worthless because he's drunk."

You think I'm kidding?

Just wait for Monday's update! You'll see.