Wednesday, December 23, 2009

More Moo

Mr. Moo continues his vacation at Pop and Granne's house. He sent us the following emails...


I found Mr. Moo in the orange tree next door. He said he likes the color orange. Having fun!


Mr. Moo likes salad greens. I'm glad he's eating well. My diet hasn't been that great lately. Maybe Mr. Moo can give me a few pointers.

At first we weren't quite sure what this was! Once we got a little closer we realized that Moo had gotten into the Chistmas chocolate!!!!!

It looks like Mr. Moo also enjoys Starbucks.


Granne didn't understand why I would order Milk at Starbucks. Sure I am a cow and can make my own milk, but I told Granne I can't make chocolate milk. Hee hee heee. She said I am a silly cow.



(I should also point out that "Mr. Moo" is a boy and it would be strange if he began lactating. I won't go into that with Chase though.)


Sometimes I get lonely for you while I am on vacation. When this happens, Pop and Granne pull up a picture on the computer so I can see your smiling face! It makes me so happy that I can easily close my eyes and sleep. I go to Nanny's Tomorrow.

Night night,

Love, Moo

(Mr. Moo, we feel your pain here too.)

Pop let me roast marshmallows by the fire tonight! Wish you were here.



(Don't get too close to the fire....oop.....OH NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Mr. Bill!!!!!!!!!!)


I helped Granne wrap a present for YOU!!!

Love, Mr. Moo

Hi Chase!

This morning I made hot chocolate sauce with Granne. She gave me the recipe.

Love, Mr. Moo

(What? The stuffed cow gets a copy of Granne's famous chocolate sauce but we don't???)

Guess what ! I get to go to work today with Granne, but Cinnamon won't get off the warm computer.


Hi ho hi ho off to work we go .....

Hi Chase,

I am in the car on the way to Nanny's house. I am so excited I get to see you tomorrow.

Love, Mr. Moo

Alas, Mr. Moo will return to us tomorrow and the anxiety level of our 3 year-old shall return to tolerable levels at bedtime.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I know, I've been terrible about keeping up with the bloggy lately. Especially when my last post was so emotionally charged. I should know better to leave little updates after my emotional rants. Being a kindergarten Mom involves much more than I imagined along with my full-time job, being a full-time Mom to a 3 year-old, etc..etc..etc...Heck, I even missed out on sending out Christmas Cards. I might as well wait until Valentines day and send out cards then.

Just for fun. I managed to link my blog to Facebook. One time FB was not able to publish my pictures and video. So if that happens just go the direct link for my blog at

This past weekend, I spent some time getting beautified with my half-yearly haircut and color. The grey hairs on my head were becoming too comfortable with their position and were staring to build support groups and plotting to take over the pigmented hairs that still surround them. Ashley came to the rescue with a nice mixture of warm, mahogany, brown, mixed with copper tones. When I describe it, it sounds like a piece of art. To Ashley's credit, she IS an artist. (or a miracle worker and savior to my pigmented hairs.) After that I spent Sunday with some of my historic girlfriends from high school (without children) and went to see Wicked in San Francisco and out for a nice meal. (without children=warm food, strong drinks, no interruptions.) It was fabulous.

Grant rescued me from the Bart station at the end of the night and we started the hour and a half pilgrimage back to Sacramento. As we were unloading the sleeping children from the car a thought occurred to me..

Me: "I don't see Mr. Moo. Did you remember to bring Mr. Moo?"

Grant: "I think wait...Dammit!"

Let me take a minute to back up and let you all know who Mr. Moo is and how instrumental he is in our lives. Mr. Moo is technically a fuzzy, stuffed, transitional object, used to wean Chase from his addiction to binkies. After some strong coaxing, encouragement, and crying fits, Chase eventually accepted the trade and became used to sleeping with Mr. Moo instead of the highly addictive, dentist dreaded, binky.

The following morning, I called up Pop and Granne to discover that Mr. Moo was indeed in Danville (an hour and a half drive from our house.) Granne spoke with Chase on the phone and promised him she would take great care of Mr. Moo and he would enjoy his little "vacation" with her and Pop until he could hitch a ride home with Nanny and Papa on Christmas Eve. This means 3 WHOLE DAYS WITHOUT MR. MOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Granne took her promise very seriously and has sent Chase emails and picture updates from Mr. Moo. Here is what followed.

Dear Chase,

Mr. Moo slept in the Christmas Tree last night. He is having fun on his vacation.



(two hours later)

Pop, is taking good care of Mr. Moo.

(A few more hours later)

Moo is watching TV with Santa.

(Later that evening...this was sent via email entitled: "Moo is right")

Moo is taking in the Drudge report before bed.

To this I replied....

"Mr. Moo is quite the political activist." (I always thought he was quite liberal, until Pop got a hold of him.)

Before Chase went to bed, he read all the email updates and looked at all Mr. Moo's pictures and asked to call him. Pop and Granne put the phone on speaker and let Chase sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" to Mr. Moo and say "good night." After we hung up, Chase sent the following email.

Hi Mr. Moo, (translated word for word from Chase)

I miss you! Come home soon. I love to sleep with you Mr. Moo. Good night!



To this, Mr. Moo replied:

Title: Good Night !

Dear Chase,

I really really miss you. I can't wait to see you in 3 days! Nanny will bring me home.


This morning, Mr. Moo was busy again. He's enjoying his vacation by spending time in Pop's new toy.

"Mr. Moo likes to go fast."

I think Chase enjoys Mr. Moo's updates as much as he enjoys sleeping with him at night. We hope this will continue to hold off Chase's bond until Mr. Moo reunites with him on Thursday.